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I wrote this post before I moved to Alaska seven years ago, but I feel that it is very much appropriate today as we weather this worldwide Corona Virus pandemic.  

Cooped up inside our homes, "social distancing", spending WAY too much time with our loved ones without getting a break!  


It's enough to stretch the limits of anyone's nerves.  Be aware of your mental health and those around you,  and utilize the tools in my post to help you cope.




I’m sitting watching the ocean as we continue to feel the effects of Tropical Storm Isaac, and if I didn’t know better, I wouldn’t be able to tell that there’s a storm system out there.  The sky is bright blue, the sun is shining and fluffy white clouds rush by.


But then I look at the ocean, and the waves are huge and crashing against the rocks with such force that the water is spraying twenty feet into the air and wetting me as I sit perched high atop the cliffs of Negril’s West End.


Suddenly grey clouds blow in, the wind picks up and I’m reminded of how truly awesome are the forces of Nature.  Here’s a system that is over a hundred miles away and it still has the power to affect me across such a vast distance!


This occurs in us as humans too.  Outside we give the impression that we have everything under control, life is good, and nothing bothers us at all.  But underneath, enormous waves of emotion and storm clouds can be churning and suddenly burst to the surface.  These feelings affect the people around us, even those who are so far removed from us that we couldn’t possibly have imagined they could be disturbed by our mood or demeanor.


Suppressed and pent-up feelings can lead to physical symptoms and illnesses like rashes, headaches, ulcers, intestinal disease and cancer.  They can make us angry and cause us to lash out and hurt those close to us either physically or emotionally.  We can become silent, withdrawn and depressed, hiding away from the world and avoiding our problems.


It is important for us to stop sometimes and check in with our emotions, making sure to take note of these feelings.  Don’t be fooled into thinking that you don’t have time in your busy schedule to get harmonious with yourself.  It takes only a few minutes of quiet time every week to reflect on how you are feeling emotionally.  Ask yourself questions such as “Can I change any negatives into positives?  Are my feelings and emotions too overwhelming?  Do I need to seek professional help to deal with them?”


If you answered yes to that last question, I strongly suggest that you take the appropriate steps to get the help you may require.  Many times we just need someone to whom we can explain what we are going throughsomeone who doesn’t know us and who won’t judge.  Requesting help is not a sign of weakness.  Many successful and powerful people have someone in their lives who assists them in coping with issues that may be too overwhelming to deal with on their own.


The good thing is that most issues can be dealt with successfully, and quickly, on your own using Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT).  An emotional version of acupuncture, this method uses your fingertips to stimulate certain meridian points on the body while you tune in to specific emotional issues.  This balances any disturbances in the meridian system, and EFT can be easily learned by almost everyone including children.


To learn the basic procedure as designed by the creator of EFT, Gary Craig, visit Gary Craig’s Official EFT Tutorial


The basic procedure consists of five brief steps, is extremely easy to learn and can be performed in less than five minutes!  Once you become familiar with the whole process, you will have a permanent tool that you can use anytime, anywhere, throughout your entire lifetime.

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