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Did you know that standing up is good for your health?


New research has found that people who spend most of their time sitting are at a 54% higher risk to die from a heart attack!


Fifty-four percent!!!

That’s a serious number, don’t you agree?


So if you spend most of your day sitting at work, then in your car, and then at home in front of the TV, you are setting yourself up for a possible heart attack!


“But Doc, I exercise daily, I don’t smoke and I eat healthy! I’m not at risk!”


Think again!


The one thing that ALL the people studied had in common was SITTING!  Some people smoked, some people exercised, some people ate crappy, others ate super-healthy.  It didn’t matter if they were male or female, or what their race was.  If they sat, their risk was increased.


So no matter how healthy you believe yourself to be, the research says that when you spend most of your day seated, you are at a high risk.


How is this possible?


Researchers believe that it has to do with an enzyme in our bodies called lipoprotein lipase (LPL).  This enzyme breaks down fat in our bloodstream and converts it to energy.  In laboratory studies, more of this enzyme was found in standing rats versus the ones lying down.  Even if the rats were fit, their LPL enzyme levels fell drastically when they went from standing to lying down.


So, the final word here is…


Stop Sitting and Start Standing!!!  It’s healthy for your heart!

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