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I recently posted an article about the benefits of standing over sitting, but in addition to increasing your risk for a heart attack, did you know that there is such a thing as Gluteal Amnesia?


This condition occurs when our butt muscles “forget” to work!


How can they just forget?


Well, when we sit for too long all day every day, our hip flexors become tight and over-active.  This leads to a process called reciprocal inhibition where the muscles on the opposite side of the joint, in this case the gluteus muscle, shut down.  Our bodies then compensate for this muscle weakness by over-working the “helper” muscles, our hamstrings and adductors.  The tight hip-flexors combined with the weak gluteal muscles cause the pelvis to tilt forward, creating tension on the spine which eventually results in lower back pain.


How can we “remind” our butt muscles to work?


Take standing breaks throughout the day and squeeze your “cheeks” together tightly.


Other great exercises for the butt include:


1. Taking the stairs:

Forgo the elevator and take the stairs. To really work the glutes, put your foot completely on the stair.


2. Sumo squats:

Stand with your legs wider than your hips with the toes pointing out. Stand straight and tuck the pelvis under. Plie the knees lowering yourself 3-8 inches depending on your strength. Start with two sets of 10 and increase as you get stronger.


3. Lunges:

Lunges are a challenging exercise because they work so many muscles at the same time. In addition to working out the glutes, you’ll work your hamstrings, quads and calves as well!


These will activate the memory of those muscles AND maximize your rear view!


So the next time someone tells you to “get off your a**!”, you can say “Thank You for being so concerned about my back health!”


What are your favorite exercises for the butt?  Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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