Meet Dr. Cindy

DR. CINDY loves science!


She understands molecules and knows the power of chemistry. Her career as a Chemist with a start-up pharmaceutical company began successfully; she played an integral role in the development of a cholesterol-lowering drug that won FDA approval.


Despite scientific accolades that might satisfy any other molecule jockey, Dr. Cindy knew in her heart that synthetic drugs were not the answer to a truly healthy body.

My Services.

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Explore our masterclasses and discover how you can achieve optimal health,  master cleansing, healthy food choices,  and methods for achieving your peak potential


My coaching programs are designed around your personal preferences to include any or all forms of coaching, and may be changed as you progress and your needs change.


Discover how to schedule a no obligation 1-on-1 consulting call with Dr. Cindy to get crystal clear on your exercise, diet, health, and your personal needs and goals.

What Our Clients Say

I had to rely on caffeine almost daily.

I feel fantastic! My energy is improving daily! Before my sessions with Dr. Cindy, I had to rely on caffeine almost daily. Soon after the Chronic Fatigue treatment, I've had no need or desire to drink coffee.

LaShiya Stewart

She was walking upright with zero complaints of pain!

 I recently had a patient who was experiencing sudden, severe, debilitating back pain and could hardly move without intense spasms. I was sure that she had a spinal disc injury and recommended she get an MRI for verification.


I counseled here that her recovery would likely take several weeks, maybe months, and recommended she use ice-packs and heat and potentially prescription muscle relaxants to ease the pain.


She was not thrilled with my diagnosis as she was planning on taking a long trips within the next few weeks and was worried that she  would have to cancel.


I referred her to Dr. Cindy for light therapy, hoping that this would help to speed up her recovery. When I saw my patient the following day, 24 hours after her light therapy session, she was walking upright with zero complaints of pain!


I could not believe this was the same person. It has been over two months and my patient has not had any complaints since.

Dr. Birger Baastrup

Sports Chiropractor

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